Monday, June 1, 2009

our travels so far...

Third post in a row...I'm on a roll!!!  Quick one though.  Hubby and I have gone to san diego, palm springs, san francisco, and yosemite these last few months.  Yosemite is awesome by the way and one of our goals is to train ourselves to hike up half dome...look it is pretty scary!  

Places we still need to go are:  santa barbara, catalina, portland, seattle, vancouver, mammoth, lake tahoe, napa, big sur, coast drive from LA to san fran...i'm pretty sure i have a longer list than this.  We almost planned a trip to alaska, but that will have to wait for now.

Just getting back from Yosemite memorial day weekend, we are taking a break from traveling (we'll see how long that will last), as we have found a hobby.  Yes a hobby finally!!  Hubby and I are taking sailing lessons.  We love it, but we hate it.  Can't really explain it, but we both agreed that it's a really cool hobby and we are enjoying ourselves and at the same time we can't wait until the lessons are over and done with!  It is some hardwork, no you just don't sit there shooting the breeze, basking in the sun, you actually have to sail and do some manual labor...what is that?!?  lol  At least I know the 100 vocabulary words that comes with sailing!

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