Monday, June 1, 2009

My first earthquake...yikes!!

Since my last blog, which was months ago, my famous last words were "no earthquakes yet".  I have since experienced my first earthquake a few weeks ago on May 17th...yikes!  I had no idea what was going on until it was over.  I'm sitting on the couch going through my facebook as usual, and the whole apartment building just shook really hard for about 2 seconds.  Penny lets out one bark (she never barks by the way), Pepe flies out of his cage (his cage door was opened) and flies across the room, so that got me all panicked even more.  I run to get Penny who is trying to hide under the couch and opened my door.  I see one guy that ran outside down the hall and some murmurs from another apartment.  So I am wondering what just happened, so I call the hubby who is at work and he immediately asks me if I was okay.  So he did feel it and it was a 4.7 earthquake.  He rushes home and that was that.  About 2-3 days later, another small earthquake (4.1) happened in almost the same spot.  This time it felt like a small tremor.  So there was my experience...

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