Thursday, March 29, 2012

our new/old puppy wednsdae...

just starting to write in my blog again since i just noticed that i had skipped an entire year of 2011 without writing one thing here :( AND i skipped one huge important family member, our little wednesdae! i had dedicated one whole blog in 2008 on miss penny aka penelope when we got her, that i feel the need to dedicate one blog on wednsdae. we got her as a companion for penny and she slowly but surely grew on us. she is exactly the opposite of penny. wednsdae is this lovable little bear that can lick your face, neck, toes, belly all day if she can and her licks are loud and lovable. she was very crazy and full of energy when she was a puppy, now she's a little less crazy, but still very fun and energized. she is the sweetest thing you'll ever meet :) This is a picture of my sis and wednsdae as a puppy, and wednsdae at the halloween dog parade as spunky brewster! better pictures on my facebook.

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