Thursday, November 27, 2008

attempting to start a blog...

this is the first time i am attempting to write a blog, so here goes.  it is approximately 3:00 am pacific time, yes pacific time.  after living on the east coast all of my life, i am currently adjusting to life on the west coast.  i constantly have to watch myself being aware of the time, being careful not to call people too late or making sure if a preview to a tv show says 9 pm that it doesn't mean eastern time or if it does, to switch it to pacific time... you know... the little things.

so what's new with me?  except for the fact that i just moved across the country about 2 months ago, i will go back to sum up my life in a nutshell.  after graduating pharmacy school in maryland, i moved back to florida to work for target and live with the parents.  and during the 2 years i was down in florida, i went to europe three times, got engaged in italy, then went on to get married in hawaii, which leads me here in california, finally settled down and all grown up.  yes following the hubby and his job... good thing my job is pretty flexible.  

so i've been here in redondo beach with the hubby for almost 2 months.  we have an apartment right on the pier by the beach... we absolutely love our location and our view of PV "aka palos verdes" is gorgeous... we just wish we could have more friends and family here to share this with.  it is just the four of us... me, the hubby, hubby's bird pepe, and the newest edition to our little family, our shitzu puppy penelope, penny for short.  we both work a lot... i have a lot more responsibility now that i am a pharmacy manager.  when we are not working, we watch our tv shows and eat out a lot.  we are working on finding our local favorites and of course everyone that knows me, knows that i love trying new foods!  that's what is so great about out here, so many great places to eat!  the only disappointment for me is my favorite sushi place is still a place back in florida... so the search continues for a great sushi joint.  as for us venturing out further, we haven't explored too much, but we did go to vegas twice and that was a blast!

the weather is great here, it's really nice during the day and it gets a little chilly in the mornings and nights.  we've just entered into a little bit of a rainy spell, but that is very good here since it never usually rains.  i'm sure you've all heard about the bouts of brush fires in and around LA lately.  and no experience with earthquakes yet!  well that's about it for now, off to sleep.  i will make another attempt tomorrow and make a turkey!  happy thanksgiving!! 

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